The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy

Helping leaders break out of the cycle of frustration, burn-out, and continually thinking of your next steps but not taking action, and instead curate your dream work-life scenario.


- Are you "successful" but wanting something "more?"

- Do you feel like you’re at an important crossroads in your career?

- Are you searching for a new job or role and getting ready to write cover letters, do interviews, negotiate offers?

- Are you in a new leadership role and want to put your best foot forward?

- Are you ready to start something new and exciting - like launching a business or writing a book - and don't know how to "take the leap,” or what your best next steps should be?

- Are you DONE with feeling burned out, unfulfilled and undervalued for the work you do,


Are you ready to find your voice, know your value and monetize your impact - so that you can curate a life of success and joy?

Join me in a self-paced, fully-guided virtual program that includes live interaction and support every step of the way.

Get Crystal Clear on What You (Really) Want

Whether you're ready to change roles/careers, start a business, or some other big shift, you'll be able to fully describe exactly what you want your next chapter to look like. 

Discover Exactly What You Need to Have Impact, Joy and Success

You'll find out what's needed (both internally, and externally) for you to be at your BEST so you make well-informed decisions about your next steps.

Learn How to Stand Out and Attract the People and Opportunities that will Elevate You to YOUR Next Level

You'll develop your unique, elevated 'impact language' to use in your bio, website, networking, cover letters and interviews, and day-to-day interactions, so people KNOW the value you bring to the table.

"In a very structured way, I was led to talk about things I wouldn’t normally talk about or think through, and that effort in the end helped me to arrive at conclusions about myself and ways I want to brand myself that I would not have arrived at otherwise. I feel stronger, more authentic, and more confident in what I want professionally and personally as a result. "

Aubrey B.

"Kathryn’s impact on my life and my business has been profound! It was during an exercise she led (brilliantly, I might add) that I had an epiphany which led me to a much deeper understanding! I will be forever grateful for that pivotal moment; it's an experience that continues to guide my work and my life. Thank you, Kathryn, for always giving so much of yourself in support of others! "

Kim H.

Dear Purposeful Leader,

We often spend so much time serving and supporting others, that we neglect our own needs in the process. There’s always more to get done, and not enough time to do it all.

You can look "successful" and still feel depleted, disconnected, and not be showing up as your best self for your organizations or clients.

Here’s what I know:

  • The world needs your unique gifts and talents today more than ever
  • When you feel fulfilled and joyful in your work, you can create the impact you’re meant to have
  • If you feel “stuck” right now, you may be missing key insights that are needed to unlock your dream career-life scenario!

So, if you’re getting ready to make decisions about:

  • What to do next and when
  • What jobs to apply for, how to interview well, and what salary to negotiate
  • Whether or not to resign from your current role
  • Designing a new website, marketing materials, bios
  • Reprioritizing your work-life balance
  • What services to offer and fees to charge in your business

I’m here to support you using a proven process that has helped leaders like you to navigate these important decisions and many more… and help you avoid going in a direction where you end up unhappy, underpaid, unsuccessful and stuck (again)!

Are you ready? If so, read on and click one of the buttons below to schedule a free Strategy Call and get started!

To your success,

Kathryn R. Martin

"Kathryn created a structure for exploring the next stage of my career. Her wonderfully warm style, deep experience and wise insights were instructive and empowering. I came out with more clarity to identify and articulate next steps in order to achieve my personal and professional goals. "

Miriam S.

"My new perspective is quickly taking me to new places. Because I was able to more clearly see all that I have to offer, my confidence grew, the ideas for projects became more aggressive, and the potential impact even greater! "

Diana O.

When you join us in the Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy,

you'll get immediate, on-demand access to my most helpful teaching modules that you can complete at your own pace with guidance, support, and interaction all along the way. 


Here's What You'll Learn

Part 1:

Deep Discovery - Laying the Groundwork

  • Learn the one thing leaders often don’t know that prevents you from having the sustainable impact and success you are meant to achieve.
  • Find out what could be blocking you from experiencing the joy and meaning from your work that you crave.
  • Start your journey with curiosity and confidence as you become familiar with all of the tools, resources and support available in the Academy to make the most of your investment.

Part 2:

Gather the Missing Intel – Becoming the Expert on YOU

  • Illuminate and begin to understand the nuances and motivators for what you want. Knowing what to “do” next, depends on how well you know YOU (all of you).
  • Discover what makes your heart sing and why.
  • Get clear and certain about your true value, and why you matter so much.
  • Identify the patterns from your past and present trajectory that will serve as powerful guideposts as you curate your next chapter.

Part 3:

Shift Your Language - Re-stating What You (Really) Want Next

  • Armed with new insights, you’ll start to shift to empowering language to describe the characteristics and dynamics that lead to your impact and purpose rather than defining your value and goals in terms of job titles and transactions. 

Part 4:

Take Inspired Action - CREATING What You (Really) Want

  • Now that you know what you (really) want, you’ll learn how to “reverse engineer” everything you do based on your exciting new vision.
  • Identify the external "causes and conditions" you need to have in place in your next chapter.
  • Choose the internally-driven embodied actions that create the possibilities you’re seeking.
  • Test your thoughts and assumptions about what’s “realistic.”
  • Challenge your “shoulds” or best practices, and stay in creation mode.
  • Stock your “Tool Box” of positioning and True Value statements so you stay on track going forward and are more likely to earn what you deserve (and be happy).
  • Create your "Go Forward Plan."

"Kathryn’s guidance, tools, clarity, and uplifting support have changed how I move forward in my life and career so that I am fulfilling my purpose. "

Anne O.

"I came away with the clarity I had been seeking. I’m now clear on my positioning and how I will apply it in the next phase of my career. "

Kim R.

Sounds great Kathryn, but how will we do all of this? I’m a busy person!

The most exciting thing about The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy is that it’s designed for you to work at your own pace, while still having support from me along the way, and insights from a community of like minded leaders all on similar journey’s.

Specifically, here’s how it works. You’ll get access to:

  • My most helpful teachings, available on demand 24/7, to work through at your own pace
  • 12 videos and 15 worksheets that guide you step by step through a proven process that has already created breakthroughs, shifts - and dream career/life scenarios - for people just like you.
  • Breakthrough Bite Coaching pop-ins, where I respond personally to your posts as you complete the guiding questions in each worksheet and module.
  • An online forum in each module where you’ll post questions, ask for feedback, and benefit from the insights and journey of your fellow Academy members.
  • Lifetime access to a community of like-minded leaders - many who are starting this journey at the same time.


PLUS when you schedule your free Strategy Call and enroll by the first of the month, you'll receive an additional BONUS!

YES! I’m ready to invest in myself, and commit to scheduling time in my busy life for ME - how much is this going to cost?

This powerful step-by-step guided process has previously only been available to my 1 on 1 coaching clients who invested their resources to work privately with me.

I’m excited to be able to offer this transformative work to more people in this new self-paced format, and we’ve made the investment at a pricepoint that makes the return on investment... SIGNIFICANT.

Begin to curate YOUR dream work/life scenario today by scheduling your free Strategy Call.

This is my invitation to invest in YOU.

As a leader, you’ve devoted your career to serving your organization, business, family and community. Now imagine what it would feel like six months from now to say that you are in your dream career/life scenario - with increased impact, balance, financial prosperity and experiencing a new level of fulfillment, joy and purpose.

I’ve been right where you are now.

My clients have been right where you are now.

I can’t guarantee that your journey in the Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy will be easy, but investing in yourself is a powerful first step in curating the life you want - and I promise you that I am here to support you every step of the way.

"Kathryn can help you focus in on what is really important and quiet the internal demons that hold you back. She shows you how to talk about your impact and value in a meaningful way."

Eve C.

About Kathryn

Based in Santa Barbara, Kathryn coaches and consults with successful leaders and mission-driven businesses around the world as leadership coach, a professional interim CEO and transition strategist for nonprofits, author, speaker and entrepreneur.  Named "Top Leadership Coach of the Year 2018-2019" by the IAOTP, Kathryn combines an integrated hands-on consulting approach with intuitive transformational leadership coaching, in a unique format that creates the possibilities for results – quickly.  


"Kathryn is a person unlike any other. But as much as her work is about helping you, it is about helping curate a world that is more aware, open to change, and able to serve the broader mission of service and giving. The nonprofit world (and beyond) is lucky to have her. "

Jill P.

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